you just spent your lifetime growing your savings for this, now what do you do?


Developing an income solution for a client entering retirement is not a "one-size-fits-all" proposition.  Each portfolio is custom designed to match the risk tolerance of each client.  If you are invested too aggressively, you will not find happiness in retirement because you will always be watching the market and second-guessing your portfolio when the market inevitably corrects.  

Step 1:    Find Your Risk Tolerance... What's Your Risk Number?

Our Risk Analysis tool is based on investor psychology and actual market data, and is valuable for both the client and the advisor to understand how to best tailor a portfolio.  Once we find your "Risk Number", we will model several types of investment options, including guaranteed income benefits, to help you invest your retirement savings and still sleep at night.  Every portfolio is custom tailored to meet the unique financial needs of each individual and family.  Click on the Green Free Portfolio Risk Analysis button at the top of the page to get started with your no-obligation Risk Analysis.

​Step 2:    Set your Goals

Is your goal Retirement Planning related?  Are you concerned about managing current cash flow to increase your savings potential?  How may your retirement destination fit into your income planning and investment strategy?  Are you looking for a solution to legacy planning and how your estate would transfer to your beneficiaries?  Who will be there to settle your estate and service your accounts for the benefit of your beneficiaries?  Establishing your Goals is the primary step in your planning process.  You can have multiple goals, of course, because life is rarely as simple as accomplishing a single goal.

Step 3:    Create an Investment Plan

Whether your Personal Risk Assessment indicates a portfolio investment goal of  Capital Preservation, Income, Growth and Income, or Growth of Capital as its investment goal, you will need to create an investment plan and before you select your investments. Our goal is  to create a guide for us to use together in the investment selection process.

Step 4:    Implement Your Plan and Select Investments

Implementing your Investment Plan can be as simple as selecting an investment manager who invests with a specific strategy, asset class, or asset allocation strategy.  We may need to review your existing 401(k) investment options together with your other assets.  Each client's individual needs will dictate the strategy, the type of investment, the choice of custodian, the form of registration of the accounts, the necessary beneficiary designations and the method of transfer.  Our goal is to simplify your financial life and make your investments work for you.

​Step 5:    Monitor Performance and Client Life Changes

Keeping track of your investments in a rapidly changing investment climate and your busy schedule can be a challenge for many clients.   In order to help you keep up with your various accounts, registrations, and custodians we utilize Allbridge Wealth Reporting, which gives our clients a single source for account information and performance reporting.  We will review your investment performance on a periodic basis and make changes as necessary.  Our goal is to keep your plan on track and modify it if warranted due to life events, and to listen to you as your goals evolve.  Many clients' opinions about retirement and their legacy change over time, and it is important to have an advisor who will be attentive to your changing needs.

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Retirement Planning for the long term can be challenging.  Don't be misled by the "herd" mentality.  We will tailor a retirement solution to meet your needs today and for the legacy you want to leave for your family.