What If I Live to 100?

If you assume that it is possible or even probable to live to or past age 100, you probably have a member of your family who has.  If you have a sibling or parent who has lived to age 100, then it is more likely that you WILL live to age 100!

Retirement may last 30 or 40 years for some lucky few!  We have seen the impact of economic cycles in recent years, and the average business cycle is 5-7 years, including both a bull market and a bear market, and expansion and a recession in the global economy.  What this means over a long duration retirement is that we need to be able to invest for both bull and bear markets, to achieve an income independent of the gyrations of the stock and bond markets.

Baby Boomers, their parents, and their children will have witnessed recurring boom and bust events, improbable at their outset yet predictable in hindsight, over and over again during our lifetimes.  My job is to help prevent these events from having severe negative consequences to your lifesyle and legacy to your family.

Better Income = Better Retirement

Your level of comfort and happiness in retirement is greatly determined by your level of income, and how you provide that income.  Modern investing has concentrated on accumulating wealth rather than distributing income.  How can you be sure that you won't run out of money if you plan on living a long life?  The solution is Income Planning, Expense Control and Asset Management.  Our planning tools and monitoring will help you reach your financial goals, and maintain your standard of living throughout retirement. 

What is your Risk Tolerance?

Over the years, we have seen periods of extreme volatility and unpredictable events impacting our day to day lives, especially if we are saving for retirement.  Each person has his or her own "sleep at night factor" which determines their tolerance for volatilty.  Today's universe of financial products and financial management tools enable each person to reduce or eliminate the impact of unpredictable events or market losses on our financial goals. 

Determine your Financial Goals - Find Your Personal Investment Management Philosophy

Careful consideration of the needs of each individual is the starting point for any financial plan and solutions.  Goals can include Income or Future Income Needs, Wealth Preservation, Family Financial Security, Estate Maximization, Savings Goal Planning, Rebuilding a Portfolio, and others. After we know your Goal, we will help you to determine your Personal Investment Management Philosophy. This establishes your investment rules and guidelines for suitable choices and solutions.

Implementation and Product Selection - Beyond Mutual Funds

Americans from all walks of life have a different life experience with the world of investing and finance.  Regardless of performance, if you are not comfortable with your investment portfolio, you will not be happy in retirement.  In most cases, this involves managing our expectations as well as creating a reliable income stream that will sustain our lifestyle without regard to the daily fluctuations of the financial markets. By carefully reviewing a client's income, growth, and protection needs we can creatively come up with solutions that minimize risk and maximize the chances of success.  Whatever your concerns, we can customize an investment solution to meet your needs and keep you on track to age 100!